Resume Writing Services

A resume written by a professional resume writer at Aussie Resumes can reduce your time in the job search by 50% or more and save you potentially thousands in lost income.

More Calls for Interviews

Demonstrate a strong ROI to increase your calls for interviews and secure more job offers

Reduced Job Search

Save potentially thousands in lost income by reducing time in the job search process

Improved Value to Employers

Boost personal confidence and skyrocket your net worth to an employer


Interview-Winning Resumes

A recruiter scans your resume in 6-20 seconds to see if you are a good match.

With our insider knowledge, we know what type of information recruiters are looking for in that initial scan.
And we make it easy for the recruiter to find information they need.

With a professionally written resume that markets your skills, talents and results, you land on the YES pile instead of the NO pile.

Seconds, Not Minutes.

Inform the recruiters in a matter of seconds who you are, what you offer, and results they can expect from hiring you.

Results Based. Outcome Focused.

Align yourself as a solution to the employer’s problems. Prove the Return On Investment (ROI) they will receive from hiring you.

Goodbye Wishy Washy Statements.

Confidently express your skills and talents via powerful and quantifiable results – without appearing brash or boastful.

Compelling Call to Action.

Targeted and focused for the role you seek with relevant information framed around the job requirements and recruiter needs.

Remove Perceived Negatives.

Authentically and honestly market your true worth and value in a way that eliminates perceived negatives which can cause prejudice.

The Secret Sauce.

Strategies to boost your rate of interview success relevant to the position, industry and your unique circumstance.

Not Getting Results?

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

~ Albert Einstein


Popular Resume Services


The essentials to get you started.

  •  Consultation
  • Tailored and optimised resume
  • Cover letter
  • ‘Acing the Interview’ eBook
  • Cover Letter guide
  • Post-interview letter template


Take it up a notch with the power of LinkedIn.

  • Consultation
  • Tailored and optimised resume
  • Cover letter
  • ‘Acing the Interview’ eBook
  • Cover Letter guide
  • Post-interview letter template
  • LinkedIn Profile


The Ultimate Personal Branding Experience.

  • Consultation
  • Tailored and optimised resume
  • Cover letter
  • ‘Acing the Interview’ eBook
  • Cover Letter guide
  • Post-interview letter template
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • ‘Tap the Hidden Job Market’ eBook
  • Resume/cover letter tailoring review
  • Post-interview letter review
  • 1 hour coaching


The VIP Experience for Greater Impact in Less Time.

  •  Strategy & career vision coaching call
  • Multiple Consultations
  • Hidden Job Market Strategy Coaching
  • Interview Coaching
  • LinkedIn Coaching
  • Additional 3x coaching sessions
  • Emergency call support
  • Priority email support
  • Tailored and optimised resume
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Consultation on additional personal branding strategies
  • Cover letter – advertised position
  • Cover letter – cold calling
  • Email templates – networking
  • Networking letters – reviewed
  • Post-interview letter personalised
  • ‘Acing the Interview’ eBook
  • Cover Letter guide
  • Post-support: Resume/cover letter tailoring review
  • Post-support: Post-interview letter review

Ready to increase your calls for interview?

More Calls = More Job Offers.

Let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Aussie Resumes came to my attention as many of my friends, after being assessed by Tara and her team, found not only job opportunities but what they really wanted.

As soon as I received the last version of my resume, it took me exactly a week to find a job I really wanted. Not only that but profile views on LinkedIn increased by 30% giving me confidence of my achievements and allowing me to connect and extend my network.*

Invest in your career with a dedicated team like Aussie resumes, will definitely take you where you want to be.

Christian N.

UI/UX Manager

* Success is hard.  Your situation is different, therefore your results will be different. While we provide the magical formula, a successful job search takes effort. If you are not willing to put in the work, our service isn’t for you.

Trusted by Professionals From

BHP Billiton
Rio Tinto
Catch of the Day
Commonwealth Bank
Origin Energy
Mission Australia
Red Cross
Hayman Island
Max Brenner
Lowes Menswear
Ernst & Young


Who Do We Help?

People just like you…

Since 1992, we’ve had great delight in providing a professional resume writing service and other career services, where we have assisted clients in almost every profession and at various stages of their career – from executives and consultants, to managers and professionals.

We’ve earned a strong reputation for providing specialised career services, career coaching, resume writing services, and LinkedIn profiles for people principally in:

  • executive leadership and management
  • sales and marketing
  • communications and PR
  • technology
  • accounting and finance, and
  • engineering related fields

In particular, we love working with servant leaders and heart driven professionals who:

  • are entrepreneurial in spirit;
  • have leadership accountability;
  • are creative;
  • work in KPI-driven roles;
  • work in project-driven roles.

If strategy, creativity and results are your thing, you’ll love working with Aussie Resumes.


Why Work With Us?


Helping Job Seekers for over 26 Years

We take a proven, successful process in analysing your current results and career goals to provide you with solutions, job search strategies and engaging content that influences and optimises your personal brand to recruiters and employers.


Over 2,500 Success Stories in 10 Years

Over the last decade alone, Founder Tara Michelle West has helped over 2,500 individuals, and as an Author, Writer & Software Publisher her career and life coaching insights have impacted thousands more.


50% Reduction in the Job Search

Our clients typically land a job they love in half the time it takes trying to ‘wing it’ on their own. In exceptional circumtances, clients have interviewed and won a new job in a matter of weeks. Time wasted in the job search equates to thousands in lost salary, not to mention a loss of confidence.  We help you change all that.


Interviews Increased by 60-90%

On average, our clients typically receive 6 calls for interviews out of 10 applications – that’s a 60% strike rate. In exceptional circumstances, clients have achieved a 90% success rate. More interviews typically equate to more jobs offers. Our clients get to choose who they would like to work for.


Global Resume Writing Service

We’ve helped people from more than 36 countries for personalised writing services (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, etc), coaching, and other career services, and have delivered workshops, software products, books and articles.

I commissioned Tara to re-write my résumé for me in the “Australian” format, but ended up getting a much more comprehensive professional service. This included advice on how to approach the job market through a multi-tier plan, the key aspects of successful interviewing, which types of jobs to focus on etc. Even after I received a number of job offers Tara was advised on which opportunities would suit my skills set better and therefore have a higher probability of long term job satisfaction and career growth.

She is friendly, punctual, an expert in her field and boasts unquestionable integrity.

Roelof V.

Global Head of Operational Excellence

I decided to use Tara’s services because I was not receiving calls regarding my job applications. I thought that maybe my Resume should be better, it should be written by an expert. The service provided was great; Tara answered my request very fast. She guided me to choose the best option according to my needs. The price was fair for the service received and the high quality of my new Resume. Now that I started to apply with this Resume, I have received calls from medium and big companies interested on my Professional Profile – around 6 calls out of 10 applications.

Vanessa S.


* Success is hard.  Your situation is different, therefore your results will be different. While we provide the magical formula, a successful job search takes effort. If you are not willing to put in the work, our service isn’t for you.


How Does the Resume Writing Service Work?

1. Select a Package.

First step is to decide which package best serves your career goals so you can get more calls for interviews, increase your job offers, and boost your satisfaction at work.

Then we invite you to start a conversation! We’ll learn more about your current job search and aspirations, answer questions, provide clarity, and determine the best package for your career goals.

2. Collaborate in the Journey.

We conduct a thorough analysis of your background to draft a strategy based on your needs. From there, we structure comprehensive questions to obtain quantifiable and impactful information. This process is detailed and thought provoking, but we promise you’ll enjoy the journey! Clients tell us this process alone is pure gold as it not only gives a boost in confidence, but is invaluable for both the resume and interviews.

3. Review & Sign-Off on Your Branding Documents

We skillfully write, scrutinise, proof, edit, and re-proof your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and other marketing documents, then with great fanfare send it to you for review. Let us know of any changes and we’ll rework, email a second draft for sign-off, then deliver the final documents. If your package included coaching and other services, we work closely with you before, throughout and after delivery of your documents.

Ready for More Interviews and Job Offers?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How collaborative is the service?
To craft powerful marketing documents, it is vital we have a thorough and detailed service to obtain the quality and quantifiable information needed.  This requires full collaboration with you.  Anything less would be a disservice.

How does it work?
Unlike most resume writing companies we don’t rehash your old resume or ask you to complete a brief questionnaire with no further input from you.

We have a proven process and formula that includes:


  1. Completion of a pre-start questionnaire.
  2. Thorough analysis and review of your documentation, including current resume.
  3. Detailed email consultation that prompts you for quality and quantifiable information.  This is the difference between a mediocre resume and one that has massive impact. Expect to spend several hours working on the questions we provide.
  4. Follow up consultations (phone and email) to clarify matters or prompt for additional information.

What is the turnaround time?
This depends on availability and complexity of the resume to be written.  Typically, you can expect a draft resume 2-4 weeks from the time we have received your pre-start documentation, with documents finalised within 1 business day after sign-off by you.

Other services as part of your package are progressively scheduled according to the actual service (i.e. LinkedIn Profile, coaching, etc.)

What are your qualifications?

Aussie Resumes has been providing career services since 2002.  In that time, they have assisted thousands of people in a diverse range of occupations.

Some of our corporate clients have included: Hewlett Packard Australia, Vero Insurance, Mission Australia, CRS (Australian Government), Sydney South West Area Health Service, Department of Education & Training, and more.

Founder, Tara Michelle West, is a career coach veteran of over 26 years who, in the last decade alone, has helped over 2,500 resume writing clients and thousands more via her books, articles, software, workshops, and coaching services.  She holds a Diploma in Freelance Journalism, Certificate in Psychology, and is a Certified Professional Coach.

Connect with Tara on LinkedIn.