Cover Letter for New Clients

$255.00 Incl GST

Cover Letter Writing for New Clients of Aussie Resumes

(Aussie Resumes has not written your resume)

Over 89% of employers place a high value on a cover letter. Without a cover letter, you are unable to address job-specific criteria.

Combined with your resume, your cover letter is an integral tool in marketing your services to an employer.  Are you:

  • Presenting the cover letter to modern standards and in alignment with employer expectations?
  • Capturing the reader’s attention?
  • Answering job-specific criteria in the most appropriate method?
  • Marketing your true potential and blowing away the competition?


Service Inclusions:

  • Strategy Session / Email Consultation
  • Tailored and optimised cover letter
  • Cover letter written for a want ad (or anticipated advertised position) or for cold calling / networking purposes
  • Post-interview cover letter template
  • ‘Acing the Interview’ eBook
  • ‘Tweaking Your Cover Letter’ eBook