Interview Coaching

Interviewing is an art, not just a skill.

Be Prepared

Respond Confidently

Optimise First Impressions


Tell me about yourself.


What are your weaknesses?


Give me an example of a time when ____

Do you know how to respond to those and other questions?

Our interview coaching provides you with interviewing strategies that will give you a boost in confidence. Your coaching call includes candid feedback, consultancy, and role plays / simulations, that cover a myriad of situations, including:


  • Pre- and post-interview strategies
  • How to prepare for the interview
  • What 3 things you can do in an interview to take the spotlight off your shortcomings and position yourself in a positive light
  • Learn the #1 influential factor in an interview
  • How to respond to the most commonly asked interview questions – your coach helps you in defining and rehearsing your answers.
  • What to ask the interviewer that is geared to impress.
  • Interview role plays / simulation
  • Interview etiquette
  • How to dress to impress – psychological factors
  • Strategies to optimise first impressions
  • How to greet the interviewer
  • How to deal with different types of interviews
  • How to follow up after the interview
  • A post-interview strategy that has been proven to increase job offers by around 50%


To explore more about our interview coaching service, contact us for a discussion.

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