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“Most cover letters are generic rubbish.” ~ Participant, Employer Survey

More Calls for Interviews

Increase the rate of interviews and, ultimately, job offers.

Reduced Time Hunting Jobs

Save potentially thousands in lost income by reducing the job search process.

Improved Value to Employers

Boost personal confidence and skyrocket your net worth to an employer.

Over 89% of employers place a high value on a cover letter. Without a cover letter, you are unable to address job-specific criteria.

Combined with your resume, your cover letter is an integral tool in marketing your services to an employer.  Are you:

  • Presenting the cover letter to modern standards and in alignment with employer expectations?
  • Capturing the reader’s attention?
  • Answering job-specific criteria in the most appropriate method?
  • Marketing your true potential and blowing away the competition?


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What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, see what our clients are saying!

When I decided to relocate to Australia without a job, it was important for me to make sure that I got the correct message regarding my key skills, achievements and experience to the job market.

I commissioned Tara to re-write my résumé for me in the “Australian” format, but ended up getting a much more comprehensive professional service from Tara than I signed her up for. This included advice on how to approach the job market through a multi-tier plan, the key aspects of successful interviewing, which types of jobs to focus on etc. Even after I received a number of job offers Tara was kind enough to advise me on which opportunities would suit my skills set better and therefore have a higher probability of long term job satisfaction and career growth for me and my new country of residence.

She is friendly, punctual, an expert in her field and boasts unquestionable integrity. It is with pleasure that I recommend Tara’s services.


Group General Manager

I have been associated with Tara West of Aussie Resumes since 2004, initially requesting Tara to produce a resume and on following years upgrading my resume on regular intervals.

Tara embodies the highest level of professionalism and courtesy that continually strengthens with my ongoing association with Tara.
I have encouraged a number of colleagues and friends to contact Tara to engage her professional service. All personnel directed to Tara from myself have responded to me with an improved response number from job applications and direct short listing to interview process.

Recently Tara upgraded my LinkedIn profile and since my profile upgrade I have received a higher number of contacts regarding opportunities for placements.


Supervisor, Oil & Gas

I sent out about 20 applications for SEO/Marketing related jobs.

I have had an overwhelming response and already had 4 interviews online and 10 people interested. I have narrowed it down to 2 jobs that I like the sound of. Plus there are about 4 others that I have to fall back on.

I believe it is much due to your awesome resume writing skills that I have had such a good response.


How Does The Service Work?

What’s the Process?

Order a Package


Provide Starting Documents


Participate in a Consultation


Review Draft. Sign Off


For a more detailed look at the process – from how we go about it, to our expectations of you and us – click here.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

~ Albert Einstein

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your guarantees?
Our goal is to provide you with a cover letter you are thrilled to submit to a recruiter. If there’s something you don’t like about the first draft, tell us. We’re not interested in forcing you to use documents you feel uncomfortable with.

Moreover, you’re here because you want more interviews – we get that. And when you’re investing in a professional service at Aussie Resumes, that’s exactly what should be occuring. More interview offers. If you’re not experiencing an increase in interviews in an active 30-day job search, then something is afoot! We’ll consult with you to find out what it is and work to resolve any barriers to turn that around for you!

How soon do I get my new cover letter?
As a guide, 2 days to 1 week from submission of your documentation.
Does a position need to be advertised for you to write the letter?

Provided you have a clear direction on the type of role you are applying for, we can write the cover letter that addresses common criteria most recruiters are seeking for that particular type of role.

However, it is extremely important that the cover letter be reviewed and ‘tweaked’ for each position to ensure all requirements and job-specific criteria are being addressed. Not doing so will result in a reduced number of calls for interview.

Along with the eBook provided in your package, we also offer extensive commentary in the first draft advising which areas need review and ‘tweaking’ by you.

Additionally, we offer a review / critiquing service for letters you have adapted – peace of mind to ensure you are on the right track! Further details about this service is included in your Welcome Pack.

I want to apply for different types of roles. Will the letter be ok for that?
It depends.

If the roles vastly differ from the focus the cover letter was prepared for, it will be unsuitable.

It’s vital your cover letter be tailored for the roles you are seeking to showcase that skillset to a recruiter and ensure common criteria is being addressed.  Anything less and it will result in a lack of interview success.  We don’t write ‘generic’ cover letters – this is just a waste of your hard-earned cash!

If you’re applying for vastly different roles, please get in touch.  We’re happy to evaluate and offer our recommendations on the best way forward.

What happens after I order?
After you have successfully placed your order, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to download your Welcome Pack which contains a pre-start questionnaire, along with instructions on how to submit your documentation for scheduling.

From there the fun begins! We’ll be in personal contact with you to advise deliverables and next steps.

I’ve found a resume writer who is cheaper than you.
Yes, that is true. You will find ‘resume writers’ who offer a really cheap service.

If you want something cheap, do yourself a favour and invest in our (cheap) software, The Australian Resume Writer, instead.  You’ll walk away with a far superior result. (And in case you’re wondering, no, we don’t use our software to craft your cover letter. Our software was developed for non-writers and people unfamiliar with the resume writing process. We write your documents from scratch, just for you!)

It’s important to note that we:

  • are not a typing service,
  • don’t rehash / use your content and make it look ‘pretty’, and
  • don’t outsource your project to someone in the Philippines charging $5 an hour.

We are qualified writers and career coaches who have a proven system and formula for crafting resumes, cover letters and other personal marketing and branding documents that set you apart from your competition and get results. A professional resume writing service goes beyond writing – it is a blend of career coaching, analysis, strategy, marketing and writing.

Built in to our pricing structure is our extensive analysis, strategy and consultation which many resume writers do not provide. This component of our service alone is, to quote many of our clients, ‘worth its weight in gold’.

Most of our clients have remarked it has been extremely powerful in not only acknowledging their strengths and values, but also in preparation for interviews.  You’ve already done the hard work by the time interview day comes along and you’re able to more confidently respond to questions and, indeed, provide results-based and quantifiable answers and examples.

This detailed consultation is provided via email as clients spend several hours in thinking about and responding to our questions. There are some resume writers who conduct a telephone consult to ask questions and obtain some basic information from you; however, in all honesty, how can a client respond with well-thought quality information in a 30-60 minute telephone conversation? And indeed, what are the quality of questions being asked that only require 30-60 minutes from both the writer and the client? In our professional opinion, this is a disservice to the client and only results in a resume that lacks substance, because the client has not been afforded the time to properly think about quantifiable and results-based examples (or asked the right questions initially!). We refuse to follow the herd and offer telephone consultations as a price reduction strategy. Quite simply, our formula and process is what sets us apart from many other resume writers and is one of the defining factors on why our clients gain results.

You’ll find cheaper and you’ll find higher resume writing prices. We charge a fair price according to the expertise offered, typical time spent on a project for someone at your career level, and results clients achieve from hiring our professional services.

Can I have a face-to-face service?
Yes! We’re located in Mount Gambier, South Australia. So if you live locally or visiting the area, we’re happy to meet in person. In-person consultations incur additional fees. Please contact for more info.

On the whole, however, the majority of our clients utilise our service by using email, Internet, telephone and Skype.

We highly recommend you click here to learn more about how we work and the processes involved in working on your project.

I’m not in Australia. Can you still help me?

We’ve worked with clients from 36 countries and communicate with you via email and Skype. Documents are tailored according to the country where you are seeking positions. For instance, the needs of recruiters in Australia and Asia Pacific region differ from those in the USA or the UK.  We take this into consideration when crafting your personal marketing documents.

Will my cover letter be compatible with the needs of recruiters?

You are provided with a marketable, results-focused document that employers and recruiters love to receive.

Additionally, we regularly seek feedback from recruiters and employers on new trends, as well as keep up to date with needs in various industry sectors.

We’re constantly fine-tuning our strategies to ensure relevancy and marketability. Remember, our ultimate goal is for you to gain more interviews! We have a unique testing strategy that is currently yielding an interview offer of 8 out of every 10 applications. Not to mention that our clients have an extremely high interview success rate (read rave reviews here).

Furthermore, we are a referral source for recruiters themselves. We have relationships with recruiters who refer clients to Aussie Resumes so they can better showcase their client’s employability.

My question isn’t answered here.
We have more FAQs here.

Or please reach out! Telephone 1800 777 110 or contact us here. We’d love to have a chat with you, find out your needs, and offer a solution in alignment with your goals.