If you’ve made the decision to have your resume professionally written, then you’re obviously serious about progressing your career and securing a new position.

A significant number of people who decide to utilise a professional resume writer do so on the spur of the moment – that is, they’re not prepared for the job search, indeed they weren’t even looking, then wham! They’ve found something and want it in a hurry.

There’s nothing wrong with this.  But you need to be aware that no matter how rushed you are, it is vital you work with your resume writer to ensure you receive a resume which will gain results.

Contrary to popular myth, a professional resume writer does not simply accept your initial documentation and re-jig and re-type (using your original wording).  A professional resume writer is just that – a professional in what they do and not merely a secretarial or typing service.

For instance, when a client engages the services of a professional resume writer at Aussie Résumés, that writer thoroughly reviews your information and consults with you for quantifiable achievements, further information, and clarification on certain points.  Indeed, it is imperative that a writer, from any professional organisation, do so; otherwise you are merely receiving a ‘re-vamped’ version of your existing resume, not an improved, rewritten resume.  If your current resume isn’t working now, who’s to say that a re-vamped version will?  It is so important that your resume be written from the ground up with new, fresh, and exciting information.

When working with your resume writer, never lose sight of the fact that they are, first and foremost, there to help you and ensure you have a greater interview success rate.  If they provide you with three pages of questions requesting additional information, achievements or clarification, you should be excited that your resume writer is genuinely interested in finding out more about you and what you have done in your career.  They are not asking the information to pry into your personal life.  Nor are they doing it to see you sweat and curse, or try and catch you out with some lies.  A resume writer cannot possibly encapsulate your experience and achievements in a marketable manner if they don’t receive full cooperation from you.   It can be likened to visiting your accountant for your yearly tax return and not taking along any receipts!

If you are thinking about engaging the services of a professional resume writer, here are a few things you should start preparing now in readiness:

  • Educational background;
  • Employment history – all of it – this gives your resume writer a ‘picture’ of your natural career progression;
  • Achievements – don’t be too concerned if you can’t think of any, or many.  That’s what you’re paying a professional for – as professionals at Aussie Résumés we know exactly what to ask to obtain the relevant information;
  • Referees – these should be people who can lay claim to your work abilities. Alternatively, testimonials are great to use;
  • Any activities outside of your work; and
  • Some samples of positions that interest you – this is very important as it’s essential your resume be tailored for the type of roles you are seeking.

Of course, this doesn’t cover everything.  The list above is general and does not focus on your own particular circumstances.  This is where the thorough consultative process begins… only after your general particulars are received can the questions be formed and presented.

Now that you know what’s fully expected, you’ll find that the relationship with your resume writer will be a rewarding experience.  The end result will surpass your expectations and you’ll receive a resume that you are proud of. The entire process is also extremely beneficial for the interview itself.

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