I have hundreds of resumes delivered to my email box each month. I am truly amazed at the “silly” mistakes people make and genuinely get frustrated at what they call their “best resume” to “get me a job I’ve wanted for years”.

I’ve included here some true blue blunders I’ve seen in numerous resumes. I hope you get a laugh, but I also hope you’ll get the microscope out and thoroughly go over your resume! Don’t leave everything to a spell checker (and certainly don’t continually hit “ignore” – sometimes it does know best).

TOP RESUME BLUNDERS (with corrections in brackets)

  • Liase with co-workers and senior manger (liaise / manager)
  • Excellent Ebglish skills (!! English)
  • Responsible for profing artwork (proofing)
  • Interview with myself (how can this be!?)
  • I train learn new maneuvers (does the applicant train others or learn? / manoeuvres / bad sentence structure)
  • Have a wel balanced mix of qualifications (well)
  • Please fins my attached resume (find)
  • Conduced presentations and meetings (conducted)
  • Serviced on numerous committees (served)
  • Management of office polisy (policy)
  • Take massages and book appointments (messages)
  • Seek opportunities in a simulating workplace (stimulating)
  • Conduct surveys to see how the company can improvise (improve)
  • Executive with 10+ years of extensive fiinance experience (finance)
  • Through knowledge of the processes (thorough)
  • Ability to priorities tasks (prioritise)
  • Assure the goals are archived (ensure / achieved)

A few last words.

Double-check the correct spelling of computer software (eg PowerPoint as opposed to Powerpoint, and PageMaker as opposed to Pagemaker).

The email you send to hiring managers should also be checked and double-checked.

To quote one Recruiter in the Aussie Résumés Employer Survey:

“Spelling is critical.  I often short list by the people who can spell liaison / liaise correctly.  Everyone seems to use this word but so many spell it incorrectly.  To me it demonstrates their attention to detail.  Also, if I receive a résumé without a covering letter I don’t even respond to it.”