Today, I’m going to share with you 7 of my best tips to position yourself as a highly proficient and valuable administrator.

  1. It’s imperative you tailor your résumé for the type of administrative work you seek – if you are applying for several, then ensure you adapt for each type of role.
    For instance: one admin job at a small construction business may entail you performing all facets of admin work for that company; such as general admin, accounts payable / receivable, bookkeeping, payroll, etc.  Whereas, an admin role for a larger firm or government department may entail you performing general admin tasks only, with a focus on project support.  Therefore you wouldn’t include information or achievements which pertain to an accounts function.
  2. Ensure you include a brief company description about the companies you have worked for – this is particularly of importance when the company name gives no clue about what the business does. For instance: you may be applying for a role at a construction firm who contracts their services to the mining industry.  You may have worked at Zatto Industries Pty Ltd which, on its own, says nothing at all – however, if you were to state that this was a small mining company in the outback of Queensland, then the construction firm would be highly interested in you and your skills as you have an understanding of their industry.
  3. Many admin people under-value their true worth.  Numerous times we have heard admin professionals say “Achievements? No, I haven’t done anything”.  Or: “That XYZ that I created is nothing – it doesn’t mean anything”.  9 times out 10 we can extract relevant, punchy achievements from people by asking the right questions.  And for those achievements that you don’t think are worth anything… take another look.  A hiring manager will look upon you as a go-getter and someone valuable for their company if you include achievements – think about it from the hiring manager’s perspective.
  4. If you were in a support role for a particular project then state the statistics of that project.  For instance, don’t just state that you provided administrative support for the XYZ Project and leave it at that.  State that you provided administrative support for the XYZ Project which saw a transition from an old X system to a new Y system; deployed across 4 states at a value of $X.
  5. Your Profile and Key Strengths sections should demonstrate your capabilities that are applicable for administrative positions – don’t over-sell yourself, otherwise you will sound like the CEO and overqualified for the role! This is particularly important for those in Personal Assistant / Executive Assistant roles; it’s important to find a good balance and ensure your resume doesn’t sound like you are running the entire organisation.
  6. If you haven’t been in administrative roles throughout your whole career, then tone down prior employment history.  It’s irrelevant so no need to highlight it.
  7. And the last rule which should be applied in all instances – irrespective of one’s profession – is to target the cover letter and resume for the job you’re applying for. This may mean altering the order of relevance in relation to some key accountabilities or highlighting certain achievements over others.  There is no quick fix solution; thus, you can’t always use the same resume for each and every job.  You need to read each vacancy carefully and scrutinise your application – each and every time.  Not taking the time to do so (or taking a “She’ll be right” attitude) will mean that you don’t impress the hiring manager as much as someone who did take the time.

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