99% of recruiters rate a Resume Profile as a MUST.  However, this powerful section of your resume needs to contain the right mix of information. Written incorrectly, it can blow your chances of gaining an interview.

What Is A Profile?

A profile is a short statement describing your area of expertise, possibly your career goals and aspirations if suitable, and, importantly, what results the prospective employer can expect from hiring you. It is imperative that this profile be tailored for each position your apply for.  

Your profile shouldn’t be a half page of inconsequential waffle such as your personal interests, life travel experiences, or what you’re hoping the employer can do for you in about six months – such as a juicy big promotion.

At Aussie Résumés we always reiterate: “Sell yourself sight unseen” and “Demonstrate what you can do for the employer, not what the employer can do for you”.  So what does this mean?

Just as a business markets their products and services in a professional, confident manner, you too need to market your key strengths and abilities in a professional, confident manner.  We are not saying you should be arrogant and / or over-the-top with your profile – but rather, it should be demonstrating what your area of expertise is, in addition to how this can be of benefit to the prospective employer.

You may wish to select certain aspects required for the vacant position (found within the advertisement) and highlight your skills / expertise in alignment with their requirements. At a glance, it informs the hiring manager of your expertise and what they can expect from you.

To learn more about what to include and how to structure your résumé, check out our easy-to-use resume writer software program.

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