If you believe a covering letter to be a waste of time, think again. 

In our latest Employer Survey over 89% of hiring managers stated a cover letter as a high priority.  Recruiters need to know what position you are applying for and how you feel you meet the criteria of the vacancy.

Your cover letter objectives are:

a) to inform the hiring manager of the position you are applying for;

b) to quell any misconceptions that you DO NOT have what they seek – in other words, TELL them that you have the skills and knowledge they are seeking – this is where you clearly address all requirements / specifications / criteria in the job advert; and

c) to request an interview.

Your cover letter should be ONE page only – any longer, you’re definitely waffling and making the hiring manager grimace in despair.

Etiquette does count when writing your letter.

For instance: if the listed contact is Alice Citizen, your salutation shouldn’t read Dear Alice, unless you personally know Alice .  Nor should you close with: Talk to you soon, Jim; or Regards, Jim Smith; or Best wishes, Jim Smith.  A formal close is always best – such as ‘Yours sincerely, Jim Smith’. If a contact name isn’t provided, always start the letter with Dear Sir / Madam, never Dear Sir.

Happy writing! 🙂


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