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Our goal? To help you win more interviews and job offers.

Problem Solvers

We analyse your career goals and provide you with solutions, job search strategies and engaging content that influences and optimises your personal brand to prospective employers.

Forward Thinkers

We love delving into your journey and ask provocative questions to open perspectives and gain quantifiable information to authentically showcase your worth and value.

Career Champions

We have a passion for coaching, concept analysis, the written word, and marketing. We have an intimate knowledge of employer, role and organisational trends and use that to your advantage.


25 years and counting. We take pride in offering our clients the best service, value and support by taking an individualised approach to their needs.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to enrich the lives of people. By providing the highest performing career products and services, we help individuals in recognising and acknowledging their strengths and marketing their unique brand that results in more jobs offers and yields greater career satisfaction. Our aim is to continuously enhance our reputation and value as an industry leader, with our core culture being professionalism, performance, and depth and quality of our collaborative client relationships.

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BHP Billiton
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For the past 29 years, we have assisted thousands of clients from more than 36 countries via personalised writing services, coaching, workshops, software products, books, articles, and other career services.

Harnessing our expertise in recruitment, marketing, branding, human resources and coaching, we assist clients in accelerating their job seeking efforts and enhancing their career satisfaction so they land a position they are truly passionate about. Backed by our industry knowledge and expertise that takes into account employment, role and organisational trends, we design solutions to help clients around the world in:

  • Increasing their interview rate and, ultimately, job offers.
  • Reducing their time in the job hunt.
  • Saving potentially thousands in lost income due to a reduction in the job search process.
  • Developing personal branding and job search strategies to spearhead opportunities.
  • Improving personal confidence and net worth to an employer.
  • Creating careers-by-design, tailored to one’s life purpose, values, needs and wants.
  • Designing pre- and post-interview strategies that get the job.
  • Evaluating job offers and negotiating an optimum compensation package.
  • Transitioning into a new position.
Tara West

Tara West



  • Certified Professional Coach (2008)
  • Certificate in Everyday Psychology (2006)
  • Diploma of Freelance Journalism (1994)

Tara is a personal branding and marketing strategist and career coach who has served as a catalyst for thousands of people from 36 countries in being happy and fulfilled in their career. They have achieved this via her career coaching; career programs; resume services; LinkedIn profile service; personal branding services; videos; articles; contribution to books, articles and radio; and jobseeker software which, in itself, has thousands of users via licenses to recruiters, resume writers, corporate industry, and individuals.

Her corporate clients have included Hewlett Packard Australia, Vero Insurance, Mission Australia, Australian Defence Force, amongst others. 

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