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Is It Time To Update Your Resume, Cover Letter or LinkedIn Profile?

Once you have gained your new position, we recommend you keep your resume and Linkedin profile up to date to reflect your new position, any new courses you may have completed, as well as any career accomplishments.

When updated regularly, it provides you with a current resume that you can immediately use if the opportunity presents itself.

It’s also easier remembering achievements and other details when it is fresh in your mind; thus saving you time when answering the questions provided by Aussie Résumés.

It’s important the resume is written in the same style and voice, and clearly demonstrates your capabilities and achievements in the role(s). Furthermore, your previous employment history will need review and adapting now you have moved on to greener pastures.

If you want to take a different direction with your career, your resume and / or LinkedIn profile will need to demonstrate a clear focus to the hiring manager, otherwise, your application will not be tailored and you will not experience a high interview success rate.



Fees listed below are for a resume and cover letter update.

For updates to your LinkedIn Profile, please contact. Fees are dependable on whether your resume is updated at the same time (as content can be utilised and reworked appropriately for the LinkedIn Profile.)


Questions? Click Here to drop us a note or call 1800 777 110.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can you provide me with the update?
This will be determined by the update service ordered. Typically, please allow 1-3 weeks from receipt of all required information.
My question isn’t answered here.
We have more FAQs here.

Or please reach out! Telephone 1800 777 110 or contact us here. We’d love to have a chat with you, find out your needs, and offer a solution in alignment with your goals.