This section in your resume should demonstrate your core intangible strengths – i.e. your personal attributes.

You’ve most probably noticed that most advertisements ask for certain attributes of the applicant.  This may be fantastic communication skills, great analytical abilities, or strong strategic skills.

Nine times out of ten, their requirements will be specifically addressing key aspects of your “personality” – your persona, if you like.  After all, how can you be a top-notch sales rep if you don’t have great communication and negotiation skills?  Likewise, you more than likely need to develop some great strategic marketing plans.  And attributes that directly relate to who you are is applicable to you, regardless of the position being applied for.

Your professional attributes need tailoring for each position applied for.  Read the job advertisement carefully and highlight the key criteria (or points) they are looking for.  Your resume is your greatest advertising tool.  Use it to your advantage and tailor your competencies according to their advertisement and the bits you have highlighted in the job advert.

There’s no purpose in writing a resume geared for a high-powered business development role, when the advertisement calls for more hands-on technical or strategic skills.  Think carefully about this, as many employers do take note of this section in your resume.  100% of participants in our Employer Survey rated this section as one of HIGH importance.  Don’t underestimate the power of this section in matching your skills to that of the employer.  (In an honest way of course! 🙂 )

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