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People Just Like You.

Since 1992, we’ve had great delight in assisting clients in almost every profession and at various stages of their career – from executives and consultants, to managers and professionals.

We’ve earned a strong reputation for providing specialised services for people principally in:

  • executive leadership and management
  • sales and marketing
  • communications and PR
  • technology
  • accounting and finance, and
  • engineering related fields

In particular, we love working with people who are:

  • entrepreneurial in spirit, and/ or
  • have leadership accountability, and / or
  • are creative, and / or
  • work in KPI-driven roles, and / or
  • work in project-driven roles

If strategy, creativity and results are your thing, you’ll love working with Aussie Resumes.

So What Do Recruiters Really Think?


of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates


of recruiters cite enthusiasm as most influential hiring decision after in-person interview


of recruiters view typos and grammatical errors in a negative light


of companies increased average salary offer via negotiation


of recruiters keep in touch with candidates


of reruiters are influenced by first impressions when seeing a candidate's picture pre-interview


of job seekers spend 1-3 years in a job before moving on

Source: Jobvite 2016 Recruiter Nation Report

Is your story making or breaking you?

Your story makes a difference to everything you do in your life. Whether that story is for clinching a new business deal, for securing a new job, or to negotiate something which is important in your life. Whatever the circumstance, your story has the power to impact your life, and others’ lives, in untold ways – but if only you tell it the right way.

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Gaining A Salary Increase or Career Promotion

A job performance chart is a new tool for your job hunting toolbox that you can utilise, irrespective of whether you are seeking an internal salary increase / promotion, or whether you are attending an interview at a new company.

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Are You A Solution To A Company’s Problem?

As an active job seeker you are in a position to market yourself as a solution to that company’s problem(s) by demonstrating you are results-oriented as opposed to task-oriented.

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Creating Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

When applying for a role, your qualities can be likened to a USP; your strengths and capabilities ARE your selling point and something you can use to your advantage if you know how.

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Tailoring Your Application

Regardless of whether you have written the resume yourself or it was written for you, it is extremely important that you review your resume and cover letter for each application.

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Common Resume Mistakes

Aussie Résumés surveys Australian employers and recruitment firms of all sizes – local, national and international companies, Government departments, employment agencies and educational bodies – ensuring we are armed with the correct information needed for your resume / application.

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Top Resume Blunders

I have hundreds of resumes delivered to my email box each month. I am truly amazed at the "silly" mistakes people make and genuinely get frustrated at what they call their "best resume" to "get me a job I've wanted for years". I've included here some true blue...
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What Signals Are YOU Sending To A Recruiter?

Don’t jeopardise your chances of gaining an interview! Job hunting, or applying for jobs, isn’t something you should be doing in 5 minutes flat with no thought whatsoever. If you take the time to apply for roles which genuinely interest you, and ensure you tailor your application and demonstrate your passion, then you WILL gain more interviews.

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11 Tips To Boost Your Email Professionalism

Remember, your email is the first impression the recruiter makes of you BEFORE they open your application. You can have the best, super duper resume and cover letter in the world, but if you don’t take the time and steps to ensure a good first impression via your email, it may not make any difference in the world.

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Resume Format: Chronological or Functional?

A combination of a functional and chronological resume is best. It works tremendously as you are providing hiring managers with what they want to see! That is, a clear outline of your employment history in reverse chronological order, and a summary of your skills, attributes and abilities.

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More Interviews? Tick!

More Job Offers? Tick!

Headhunted? Tick!

When I decided to relocate to Australia without a job, it was important for me to make sure that I got the correct message regarding my key skills, achievements and experience to the job market.

I commissioned Tara to re-write my résumé for me in the “Australian” format, but ended up getting a much more comprehensive professional service from Tara than I signed her up for. This included advice on how to approach the job market through a multi-tier plan, the key aspects of successful interviewing, which types of jobs to focus on etc. Even after I received a number of job offers Tara was kind enough to advise me on which opportunities would suit my skills set better and therefore have a higher probability of long term job satisfaction and career growth for me and my new country of residence.

She is friendly, punctual, an expert in her field and boasts unquestionable integrity. It is with pleasure that I recommend Tara’s services.


Group General Manager

Professionalism, promptness, resumes that grab attention and win jobs. Tara and her team at Aussie Resumes deliver. I use Aussie Resumes to help me win jobs and to just keep my resume up to date in a very dynamic WA market. Tara has assisted with the drafting, review and approach with both the résumé and selection criteria to be addressed. It’s a great feeling when you get those phone calls from prospective employers wanting to meet with you, but best of all being positioned to choose from a number of opportunities.

If you are looking for that winning edge with your resume, Aussie Resumes should be your first step, in my job I review no less than 30 resumes every two months, and I appreciate resumes that tell me what I want to know in addressing the position that’s been advertised, Aussie Resumes hits the mark – succinctly, to the point and alignment with the position being sought.


Executive Manager

I have been associated with Tara West of Aussie Resumes since 2004, initially requesting Tara to produce a resume and on following years upgrading my resume on regular intervals.

Tara embodies the highest level of professionalism and courtesy that continually strengthens with my ongoing association with Tara.
I have encouraged a number of colleagues and friends to contact Tara to engage her professional service. All personnel directed to Tara from myself have responded to me with an improved response number from job applications and direct short listing to interview process.

Recently Tara upgraded my LinkedIn profile and since my profile upgrade I have received a higher number of contacts regarding opportunities for placements.


Supervisor, Oil & Gas

Tara’s contribution was invaluable in rapidly bringing me up to date with the importance of professional social media generally and LinkedIn specifically. She designed my new profile based on my inputs and the resulting picture of skills and experience is far more compelling and clear.

Following her work my profile went from zero for my target role keywords to 1st position and quick contact from recruiters.

Its also good to have a supportive adviser alongside.


Commercial Manager

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again

and expecting different results.

~ Albert Einstein

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